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A psychological evaluation, sometimes referred to as a psycho-educational evaluation, may be sought for a variety of reasons, such as to determine the presence of a learning disability or attention-related disorder or to assist in determining eligibility for a 504 plan or IEP. Even when testing does not result in a formal diagnosis, an evaluation can guide interventions for academic weaknesses or behavior problems, and inform accommodations in school or for the SAT or ACT. Evaluations conducted at Kramer & Montiel Psychology are comprehensive and encompass the following areas:

  • Intellectual functioning
  • Academic skills (e.g. reading, mathematics, and written expression)
  • Processing (e.g. visual-spatial ability, auditory processing, memory, etc.)
  • Attention and executive functioning
  • Social-emotional development
kramer & montiel psychology process


Most evaluations with Dr. Montiel or Dr. Kramer take place over two sessions, with each session lasting between 2 ½ and 3 hours. However, evaluations for children under the age of six may be conducted over a series of shorter sessions. Parents are encouraged to pack a snack and drink for children to have on breaks. During testing, parents and other guests may stay in the waiting room or pick up their children at the end of the appointment. A feedback session will take place after the completion of the evaluation. During the feedback session, the psychologist will meet with the parents (or adult client) to review the results of the evaluation. These results will include a discussion of the scores, any applicable diagnoses, and recommendations. A detailed written report will be sent to the parents (or adult client) approximately two to three weeks after testing takes place. In order to be optimally helpful to the families with whom we work, we have developed a network of professionals in related fields, such as speech and language pathology and occupational therapy. The relationships that we develop with our clients and their families often do not end when the evaluation is finished, and we encourage parents to call us with questions whenever they feel we can help. If you would like additional information regarding Dr. Silverman’s evaluation process, please contact her directly.

kramer & montiel psychology evaluations


After the evaluation is scheduled, you will receive an email with instructions regarding how to access our forms, which we ask that you complete before your appointment. These forms will include a background questionnaire, a parent rating scale(s), consent forms, and forms to give to your child’s teachers, if applicable. Although we prefer to obtain information from teachers, teacher forms are not mandatory. Regardless of the information we receive from you and/or your child’s teachers, all of the information gathered throughout the evaluation process will remain confidential. We will not share the evaluation results, diagnoses, report, or any other aspect of your (or your child’s) protected health information without your written authorization.

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