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What are your fees and do you take insurance?

Our fees are competitive for the Atlanta area based on our services and expertise. While we do not accept payments from insurance companies, a statement for services rendered will be provided so that you may seek reimbursement independently. We recommend that you contact your insurance company in advance to understand your coverage benefits.

How do I prepare for the first testing appointment?

We ask that you complete paperwork prior to the first testing session. After the evaluation is scheduled, you will receive an email with instructions regarding how to access the forms. These forms will include a background form, a parent rating scale(s), consent forms, and forms to give to your child’s teachers, if applicable. We also ask that your child brings snacks and water to have during testing breaks.

What should I tell my child about their upcoming testing appointments?

We suggest that you avoid using the word “games” to describe the tasks; however, you may want to tell your child that he or she will be doing some activities that will be similar to ones they do at school. You could explain that the tasks will help you figure out how he or she learns because everyone learns differently. It may also be helpful for your child to know that they will not be graded on their work, and that all they have to do is the best they can.

What should I do if I have a question after I have received the written report?

Contact us! We are happy to continue talking with our clients soon or long after the testing is completed.

When should my child be re-evaluated?

The timing of re-evaluations depends on several factors; however, a general estimate is three to five years.