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Welcome to Kramer & Montiel Psychology!

In January of 2018, after working in the same office space for several years, we (Molly Kramer, Psy.D. and Kelly Montiel, Ph.D.) merged to form Kramer & Montiel Psychology (KMP). We are an independent practice of psychologists and professionals in related fields, and we specialize in assessment and therapy with children, adolescents, and young adults. All of the clinicians at KMP see their own clients, but we share a common interest in offering services according to best practices, based on empirical science.

We understand that when parents choose us for an evaluation or therapy, they are trusting us with their child’s well-being and seeking answers to important questions about the way their child learns, thinks, feels, or interacts with others. We prioritize providing accurate information and helpful recommendations. Our aim is to develop an individualized plan after each evaluation and customized for each therapy client.

Working within a climate of mutual respect and open collaboration is important to us at KMP. We view parents as an integral part of the collaborative process. We are passionate about what we do, which we believe translates to a high standard of care for the families with whom we work. We truly enjoy coming to KMP every day, and hope that you will feel equally at home!